LPU campus saw the presence of superstar host Ravneet Singh from the famous show Canteeni Mandeer, which is aired on MH1 Channel. He mesmerized the students with quirky jokes and funny interactions. Not just that, students also showed a lot of interest and showcased various talents. The ease with which he was able to make his audience comfortable depicts the talent with which he is flourishing in the industry.

Ravneet Singh, a Chandigarh-born actor, singer, and anchor, has been a part of the Punjabi Music Industry for the last decade and continues to be a part of it. He had his debut movie “Lakh Laahnta” in 2017, which was quite appreciated by the audience. His other movie JATT vs IELTS made us relate to the plot and had a clean comedy script. He also worked at Zee TV, Big FM Jalandhar, and Radio Mirchi.

“It’s amazing to be here in such a vast university. I am amazed to see such a huge diversity of students. The crowd is amazing. I loved interacting with them,” says Mr Ravneet Singh. The actor gained massive popularity from his show Canteeni Mandeer. The show involves a visit to various colleges, wherein our host Ravneet Singh entertains the audience by hosting fun cultural events and activities for the students. Everyone gets a chance to participate and showcase their talent.

The actor interacted with the students of LPU in a manner that was strikingly similar and offered them the ability to be themselves and exhibit their diversity. “It was amazing to interact with a person like Mr Ravneet Singh. He is not just an entertainer but an amazing host too,” says Vaishali Kalra, Assistant Professor at LPU. Ms Kalra interacted with Mr Ravneet and sang a few lines too while the latter was at LPU.

Sneha Singh, student of Journalism and Mass Communication, says, “I was able to learn so much from Mr Ravneet in such a short span of time. I loved interacting with him. Thanks LPU.”

Many prominent actors from both Pollywood and Bollywood have visited us, and with each encounter, we have learnt something remarkable. We discovered the art of anchoring and interacting go hand in hand through our engagement with Ravneet Singh. Also, we await many more interactions in the future.