Studying overseas is more than just global exposure, it’s education for life. Students who get the opportunity to live and study in a different country for an entire school year come back with enhanced knowledge, experience, better cultural understanding and friendship that will last for a lifetime with people from their host countries. Through a student exchange program, students learn more about themselves and their talents while exploring their field of study in a different country.

Lovely Professional University offers college students a unique opportunity to study abroad. Every year, the university hosts international students from various foreign partner universities and also sends its own students for studying under Student Exchange Programs to other countries. LPU has international tie-ups with more than 50 top universities from countries like USA, Australia, Canada, UK, China, Switzerland and many others. Here are some benefits of student exchange programmes for Indian students.

  • Being a part of these programs helps to earn upper division credits in your field.
  • Studying abroad instils a global outlook and creates the urge to learn foreign languages.
  • Experience of studying abroad is a bonus skill in your resume and makes you stand out in the crowd.
  • You get the chance to learn about different working methodologies and approaches adopted by different people to view the same concept.
  • It increases interest and knowledge about global issues.

Such opportunities provide an international exposure and experience to the participants of the programme by studying in a different environment. Additionally, students get a desiderated chance to gain in-demand skills. Under these programs, students attend workshops related to their program and visit the industries to experience work-culture there. Students also imbibe customs, culture, and traditions of the country visited by enjoying fun-filled short trips and cultural programs. Such efforts help students to get well-versed to further emerge as truly global citizens.