“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

There are a lot of things that play a key role in your success. While some of these abilities or perks are inherited but some are earned with the determination and vigor. Discipline lets a person create the habits and the skills for lifetime. This discipline is taught and spread at every professional place. These values are especially refined in the armed forces which stand for their relentless determination and immense power.

The will of the students to join the armed forces has always been a great motivator for Lovely Professional University for which LPU provides every possible opportunity to the students. The National Cadet Corps in LPU functions to its very best organizing camps, drills and training sessions for the budding cadets to prepare them for their good endeavor.

Taking benefit of all such opportunities, one of our Integrated B.Tech – M.Tech (CSE) alumnus Abhishek Sharma who has won the prestigious Technical Graduate Course Silver Medal, awarded to the Gentlemen Cadet standing first in the Overall Order of Merit amongst the Technical Graduate Course during his Passing Out Parade at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun!

Our fellow Verto has previously secured a plethora of achievements – from getting placed in Cognizant to being recommended for the Indian Army and Indian Navy. He also qualified the UPSC written exam for CDS and became the All-India Best Cadet – 3 in NCC’s RDC 2020 while getting promoted to Under Officer (UO) in LPUNCC. A lot of students have been inspired by all these actions of the verto to put it in the effort towards success.

We congratulate him for his endeavor on adding so many feathers to his hat of brilliance and setting an extraordinarily high benchmark of excellence!