Social media plays a very important role in one’s existence as a whole. If we look sometime back people had limited opportunity but in today’s date, it’s in abundant and this has happened due to the power of the internet. In recent times, the figures of active subscribers are humongous, thanks to Reliance Jio whose unlimited data gave people not only boost in their academics but made them versatile too by becoming a blogger or a YouTuber & earning handsomely.

But in today’s date, it seems that people are overpowered by social media & completely visible whenever you scroll down anything in any of social media sites.

“Your Brand’s Presence Lies In Your Hands“

SocialWe have students complaining that how can they make a particular brand out of themselves while being at college. So here the ways  which you can increase brand presence on social media which are as follows:

  • Don’t just limit yourself to Facebook & Instagram as there is a world beyond these two as it’s very important to explore ourselves.
  • Every social media has its own significance associated with it & it’s very important that we should understand & use it accordingly.


For example, Linkedin is associated with the profession. Facebook & Instagram are associated with socializing. Quora – this is for the ones who are associated with content writing.

  • It is very important for everyone to have a Linkedin profile for every professional no matter which course is he or she associated with because nowadays not only your physical CV is analyzed but also your digital CV is checked too.
  • To start with, register yourself with Linkedin & make an account in it.
  • One thing you need to understand to increase your brand presence you need to contribute time towards it.
  • Give your time to this platform & it will change your career.
  • Once you are there, know start adding your details and complete the profile. After completion of profile start sending connections request to the teachers, people whom you know or dream company that you are looking for then connecting with its members.
  • To make your presence on Linkedin, it’s very important to comment on posts of others. Initially to make your presence felt you have to be very active & try putting your opinions as your feedback. This will actually lead to developing relationships with your connections.

An effort by you can make a brand out of youSocial

  • Facebook is in our genes these days yet we fail to present ourselves to niche create niche brand for ourselves.
  • For your Facebook to look optimistic, make it point to add yourself to groups which can add value in your lives.
  • Some of them who posts are actually unaware that what their posts will have an effect on others.
  • For content writers, Quora comes with a plethora of options. As we are born to express ourselves and quora give you that voice to express yourself.

To create a brand presence in college, it’s very important that you start to market yourself. To do that you need to be pro-active, agile & be one step ahead of others in terms of what they do. If you are able to do this, you won’t be able to stop yourself from becoming a brand.