Date: 03 May 2014
Venue: Lovely Professional University

Background & Rationale

‘Plan you work and work your plan.’ For any venture to be successful, this oft quoted adage is very relevant. Many ventures fail to take off because of no planning, many do not survive because of lack of it. Many are not able to devise the right plan. Business Plan backed by the right funding at the right time is the key to business success. This was the perceived outcome of Business Development Plan, a Corporate Training Program organized by Lovely Professional University for executives of Genesis Health & Fitness, Jalandhar. Ms. Nancy Sahni, Assistant Professor, Lovely Professional University was the key facilitator.

The program focused on Business Development Plan as a document that outlines how you implement yourbusiness development strategy. The importance of growth charter, availability of funds, processes and implementation was emphasized on. The schedule carried a multi-pronged approach that included inputs, audio visuals, group discussions and deliberations, case analysis and finally presentations by the participants illustrating their findings.

The focus pointers were:


  • Introduction and context setting
  • Entrepreneurship Scenario in India
  • Business Development Plan- Elements, Process
  • SWOT Analysis and integration of Idea
  • Strategic Planning of Business Plan-Marketing, Financial and Operations aspect

The program received active participation of staff members from Genesis Health & Fitness, Jalandhar. The participants were appreciative of the gesture shown by the University in terms of choice of Subject Matter Expert, appropriate learning environment, venue setting, infrastructure, study tours and content delivery. They were also impressed by the subject expertise of the resource person. The participants observed that the program was outcome oriented and gave them new insights on the topic. It was crafted to meet the training needs stated by the client. LPU-Academic Staff College is committed to provide tailor made Professional Development Programs for the corporate sector. These training programs also help in strengthening industry-academia relations thus opening new vistas of mutual collaboration.