It’s time to show off your creativity. METAL Club, LPU is inviting entries from students for Logo Designing. A Logo is the heartbeat of any organization and represents its fountainhead. Hence, the logo that you design must represent the views of the METAL Club. Read the guidelines below to know more:

  • This contest is open for all the Vertos.
  • Could be made in a group of two students or individually.
  • The relevance of the logo must be mentioned along with the entry.
  • All submitted work must be the original work of the entrant(s) and must not include, be based on, or derived from any pre-existing or third-party designs, trademarks, or copyrighted images.
  • All entries will become the property of the METAL club. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees that any and all intellectual property rights in the logo design are deemed assigned to the club
  • The Club reserves the right to modify the winning logo to better fit the needs of the Initiative.
  • Entries must be submitted before 25/09/17 through online mode by emailing those at
  • The logo should be submitted in .png format  & in high resolution.
  • The logo must follow official color coding of ‘METAL’ alphabets i.e. red, yellow and green.

Selection Criteria

A Selection Committee will evaluate all entries based on the following criteria (though other criteria may be considered):

  • Relevance – Entry should align with the theme and goals of the METAL club.
  • Originality – composition must exhibit original design, creativity, and imagination.
  • The judging would be composed of 30% student voting and 70% by faculties.


The winner would be given recognition by the club.

The winner would also be awarded “Innovative logo creator” certificate by School of Professional Enhancement.