In the pre-Covid era, almost all companies visited the campuses to hire suitable candidates. Post-Covid induced massive alterations in the existing systems, with the offline campus hirings being one of them. Although online interviews started as a compulsion, companies found the new-normal quite favorable in terms of cost and time. Since online hirings are becoming more common, especially in the beginning stages of the process, we must adapt and prepare for it.

Here are some of the tips to prepare for online interviews:

  • Check Your Devices Beforehand

You will be using your laptop to attend the online interviews. A day before the interview, check your device thoroughly, especially the webcam, mic, and software upgrades. Try to have a standard audio and video quality during the interviews as blurred video and distorted and low audio might create a negative impression.

Installing the pending software upgrades a day before the interview is a better choice to avoid last-minute disruptions.

  • Check the Specific Requirements of the Company

Many times, companies ask candidates to download specific software either for giving the online test or for conducting the interviews. If you have an interview coming up, you will receive a mail from the company informing you about the date and time of the interview. Read the email and any other emails sent by the company and find out if they need you to download any specific software.

If they do, download and install it beforehand, log in and play around for some time to get a hand on it. It will help you get familiar with the software, making you used to it during the interview.

  • Formals are a Must

Similar to offline interviews, online interviews require your presence in formals. Being in formals while attending interviews in the comfort of your home shows your professionalism and commitment to your field. Set the hair and comb it professionally. Don’t forget your sweet smile.

Together, they will create a striking first impression, a much essential component for acing an online interview.

  • Follow the Schedule Strictly

If the interview beings at 9:30 A.M, it doesn’t mean that you can log in at that time and join the interview after your system check and verifications gets completed. You should log in and complete the formalities before that specified time so that if the interviewer is available, she can start the interview right away at 9:30 A.M.

Keeping your interviewer waiting while you complete the formalities is something that you wouldn’t want.

  • Chose the right spot

It is understandable that at home, it might be troublesome to find the most suitable spot for an interview. However, it shouldn’t be your excuse to attend an interview anywhere you like. Select the farthest corner of your house with minimal human interaction and the least possible background noise.

The best choice would be to keep your back facing the wall, with the interviewer viewing you and the wall and nothing else. Proper lighting is crucial, and use a table lamp if necessary. It’s better to lock the doors and keep the room to yourself till the duration of the interview.