Students from each stream on the campus belonging to the 2nd, 3rd or final year have started preparing for placements and internships. LPU provides the finest set of courses from the freshmen year that are particularly designed for blazing placements. But the competition in golden companies can’t be ignored. So, if you are willing to crack the colossal of your field, you must follow these 5 essential tips.

Specified Skillset

Tips For Landing Your Dream Job Or Internship In Summer 2020

If you will ask about the dream company to Computer Science students of our campus, you will get answers like ‘Google’, ‘Amazon’, ‘Facebook’ and many other Silicon Valley firms. In a Glass Door survey, the reason behind the majority of rejections from such gigantic firms is imprecise candidates. You need to be specific to your department. Any company let say ‘Google’ has many posts like Software Engineer, Specialist Customer Engineer, Video Solution Specialist, Employee Relations Partner. You need to find the perfect post for yourself and learn those particular skillsets before applying.

Soft Skills

Tips For Landing Your Dream Job Or Internship In Summer 2020

These are the passkey to crack any interview. Whether you are a scholar or expert in your field, a minimal lack of soft skills can ruin your interviews. You need to master a set of activities before any interview which includes things like Case-based group discussion, Communication skills and Presentation skills. LPU has added PEV and PES courses to strengthen your soft skills. If you aim for big companies, don’t ever skip these classes. You can also join the CPE club of the university to polish your spoken English.

Resume Customization and Cover Letter

Tips For Landing Your Dream Job Or Internship In Summer 2020

Every student has at least 5 plus companies in their dream list and the most frequent mistake they do, submitting the same resume without customization in every single organization for different openings. First, study the firms you are applying for and change the format, the order of training, certifications and mainly the cover letter. The cover letter became an essential thing for the last 2 years in the job industry. Don’t create your cover letter as the second copy of your resume, make it clear, straight forward and unique for different vacancies.

Give Feedback

Tips For Landing Your Dream Job Or Internship In Summer 2020

Your interaction apart from answering the asked questions by the interviewer is very crucial in terms of selection. It shows that you as a bold, open and not a shilly-shally personality. Try to ask questions to the interviewer when they tell you to do. Give suggestions, feedback, clear your doubts about earlier asked questions or give a thankyou note. Remember a flexible, quick learner with less technical skills is far better than a close-minded, incurious candidate with high technical skills.

Happy Placement!