Computer Science can’t just be considered as a subject, it is a world of possibilities and a tool that can easily revolutionise the market when used wisely and intelligently. You may know that it has various divisions like Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Web developments and some of these may be written in your personal goals list. But as a fresher in this university as well as in the CSE field, you may get confused about the right beginner pathway in these initial months. Don’t worry below is the basic guide for beginning the CSE world.

Grabbing your first languageComputer Science

Choosing your first computer language can be difficult for you. Internet and blogs usually convey the writer’s language in help which can’t be suitable for you. The university will begin your course with ‘C’ Language. You may consider it old but remember the concepts and logic of ‘C’ are carried out in your further semesters in other languages. You may start some other language by your own like Python for ML, AI or HTML for web development but cover the ‘C’ language sincerely.

Clearing the basicComputer Science

Computer science is not just about programming in a compiler. The main process involves thinking and breaking down the problems in mathematical form. So, you need to strengthen your command on mathematics. Sharp your basics such as algebra, coordinates and especially Calculus which is the base of any high-level computer solution. If you haven’t read those topics don’t worry the university will also brush up your basics first. But after that make sure to practice those topics from time to time.

ProjectsComputer Science

Many students are pursuing the same course as you at this university. And the question any interviewer or senior can ask is ‘What makes you different from those students’? You can’t just tell them your complete scale of knowledge in an hour. The only things that reflect your ability and strength here are projects and certifications. You must start doing the project concerning your programming language after mid-semester exams. Start with ‘Creating Calculator’ and move as forward as you can. The more project you do the more you get practical knowledge.

WorkshopsComputer Science

Thanks to the wide varieties of clubs in LPU, your seniors will start organizing workshops and seminars related to programming languages and specializations such as Cybersecurity, Web development and more to give the freshers an introductory touch of those deep fields. You may join those workshops and seminars for clearing your concepts about the pathway for your specialization.

Remember apart from all these guidelines the most important thing is consistency and productivity which can be increased and controlled by yourself only. So, be focused and calm in your work and enjoy the extremely beautiful world of Computer Science and Engineering.