Entrepreneurship involves putting your money, energy, time, dedication and everything at stake. It requires complete utilization of your potential and skills along with your decision-making capabilities to be able to stabilize yourself in the world of business. Now, in this globalized world, we need to understand the tactics of marketing and maintaining quality of products to sustain as a businessman, else in the crowd of millions of entrepreneurs, you will be lost forever. And it’s quite disheartening that a majority of the entrepreneurs, once failed, do not have the required courage and resource to stand up again. So, it’s important to have in and out knowledge of marketing and maintaining quality which forms the base on which the enterprises run.

First of all, what are marketing and quality? Basically, marketing is making people know about your products or services through advertisements of various types. And quality is using at least the minimum required raw materials and abstaining from using adulterers to manufacture the products or creating spams in case of services.


In this ever-expanding world, people are left with thousands of products from hundreds of companies in a variety of price range. So, to make people choose your product while rejecting others, you need to advertise your product efficiently.

In India, companies mainly follow 3 types of marketing strategy:

  • Using celebrities to advertise the products to influence their huge fan following.
  • Printed mode of the advertisement using hoardings, newspaper ads, leaflets, etc.
  • Digital mode of advertisements using TV ads, social media ads and sponsoring films, shows or sports matches.

The sale is only possible after marketing as people tend to buy only those products which they have either used or have had seen the ads and are familiar with. Without marketing, whatever the best quality your product or service may possess, it would remain completely unknown to the public. In today’s world, sales and marketing go hand in hand.


Keep in mind that if the quality is not up to the mark, whatever marketing a company does, it will never help. Even if they make several celebrities endorse their product. Yes, people may buy the product initially but after they had used it once, they will remain hands away from it, considering it a complete waste of money and that would obviously create a long-lasting bad impression of the consumers on that company and product. The product will brand itself as a hoax in the market and defame the manufacturers or the service providers.

So, marketing is a powerful tool that is essential for sales, and quality is something that will maintain and increase the consumer base that the product and the company will receive through marketing. To be a successful entrepreneur, we have to do marketing as well as maintain the standard quality of the products, as both of them are complementary to each other and none of the two can single-handedly contribute in establishing a successful company.