To celebrate the success of women entrepreneurs, LPU held North India’s biggest women entrepreneurship event – “The Enterprising SHE” at the LPU Campus. More than women entrepreneurs from across the country joined this event and shared their experiences and motivation with the students.

Renowned motivational speaker and former IAS officer Vivek Atray gave an inaugural speech in which quoted instances from his life and encouraged students to think positive and be a problem solver.

Visitors at 'The Enterprising SHE' at LPU

The women entrepreneurs who visited the campus and shared their inspiring stories with the students were, Divya Ahuja Mahajan, Managing Director, Kosmos Hyundai Dealership; Avani Parekh, Director, SHEROES (A women empowerment community); Nidhisha Varsney, co-founder, and Kashmira S Jadhao, Director Jadhao Group Companies and many more.

Visiting woman entrepreneur interacting at 'The Enterprising SHE'

Nidhisha Varsney who is the co-founder of motivated the students to always look ahead in life and shared: “Experiential learning is the best to grow, one should always have a positive and a fightback attitude.”  Avani Parekh, who has created an online community for women empowerment shared her views on the meaning of entrepreneurship by saying that an entrepreneur doesn’t just focus on their own growth but also contributes to the societal growth.

Rise in women entrepreneurs aids in increasing diversity in leadership roles at organizations which till now were dominated by men to quite an extent. It’s a proven fact that more diversity in leadership roles makes organizations function better and achieve more than the organizations that are not diverse in terms of gender. India has made continuous efforts in encouraging youngsters to raise their own startups. LPU is among the leading universities in India that foster an entrepreneurial mind with its projects like LPU Start-Up School. Addressing thousands of students at the event, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal shared that LPU will continue to strive to give better opportunities to its students.