Ms Yashi Mishra, an alumna of Lovely Professional University who graduated in B.Tech Electronics and Communication in 2014 launched her startup – “TechKilla” with Mr Ashish Kumar in 2016. TechKilla is a hub of Innovation and Technology that provides marketing services to major names in the industry like Nestle, Hero, Honda, Colgate, Pepsi, Yamaha and many more have come a long way since its beginning. 

These days every viral video on Facebook and Twitter involves high-tech activations, i.e. virtual reality, pop up shops and interactive displays. With the right engagement and the right technology, brands can develop highly customized interactions that appeal to every consumer with unmatched scalability. Thus, these two innovative minds started with developing ideas on how to represent any brand in its unique form to the attendees and also started attending conferences, product launch, annual meets, trade fairs, exhibitions and much more.

TechKilla that started in June 2016 is gaining momentum as a trustworthy marketing company with every new project has proved that the impossible can be achieved only if you believe in yourself. A combination of innovation, technology, style and uniqueness in itself Techkilla effectively communicates the client’s needs.  

They were only a team of two when they started the project and the two had the responsibility of playing the roles of marketing personnel, idea generator, creator and executer for their startup. They played so many roles just to survive and save money for the future. With time, their confidence rose as faced and overcame many challenges. Sometimes they didn’t even know how to make the product as per the client demands but the inner confidence of saying “yes” to the idea made them achieve results which were once thought impossible.

Their hard work and dedication paid off when they won the Best Technology Award in the year of 2016-17 in The UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition – AEEDC Dubai for Colgate Palmolive and in 2017-18 again they not only won the best technology award but also the Best Creativity Award.

RIFD Bands
RIFD Bands

The key factor in winning the award was the idea as to who could engage their attendees in such a way that each of their (Colgate) products could get introduced to the people. They introduced RFID technology in such a way that visitors got engaged to the brand and redeemed their collect points, got the knowledge of the product and a chance to win samples. Then, they introduced a motion sensor game where one could play the game using their hand gestures and see how virtually it works (the product). Then they also introduced a selfie device and connected it to social media so that Colgate could get a trend in social media parallel. The concept was successfully created and delivered by TechKilla.

Gesture controlled game demonstration - By TechKilla
Gesture controlled game

TechKilla believes in humanity. They try to make women, child and every human safe in such an environment where they can learn, protect and teach someone else about how humanity is a powerful weapon and that only they can change the creation and culture of producing thoughts.

They also work in the field of something people are not much aware of E.g. – deaf child community. They research on the needs of people who are being ignored and try to do something uniquely helpful.  And to help the same, an app called Deaf Awareness was created. Where the deaf can find things as per their need. It can be a school, an NGO or institute across the country so even they could get an education and exposure of outer world.

TechKilla - A StartUp by LPU Alumnus revolutionizing the Marketing Industry
Yashi Mishra with LPU Pro-Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal

Techkilla, initially a service provider company has now also started working in the manufacturing sector. They have started with the product for social causes and that focuses on making life easier using technology. They work with different associations and ministries, i.e. – Deaf Association, Animal Health Monitoring, Education and Health Department and many more. TechKilla aims to be the one-stop destination for various needs of technology and solutions to all the causes which can be solved by using different means of technology.