Every Indian College Guy’s Guide to being Fashionable!


Keeping abreast changing trends is particularly difficult for college guys who are forever rushing to make it to class in time and meet the attendence criteria. Then there is the ‘chalta hai’ attitude because pocket money is too precious to squander on clothes and shoes. 

Following fashion and lifestyle can be a tricky, not only because it is constantly changing but also because it doesn’t necessarily work well for everyone. We buy clothes based on what’s in, only to end up getting disappointed most times. But hey! There’s no harm in trying to keep up with the latest buzz (since that’s pretty much how the world function these days).Neither should you judje someone (yourself icluded) for wanting to look good ;).

Here are a few fashion fixes that are easy, cheap, and will never go out of style.

Basic tee-shirts

By basic, I mean solid white, grey and black basic! (Uhmm not in black maybe, at least not during the day for summers). I know why not the floral tee from Zara or F21 right? Well you don’t want to offend your professor who is already judging you as being lazy, snobbish and entitled, so let’s first work on getting your dear sir or maam on your side ;). And trust me your girlfriend will appreciate the fact that you are letting her shine when you are out together, unless you guys are one of those couples who matches each other’s outfit to end up looking like Siamese twins ?then I am sorry ;).

Grab these tees!!

Befriend Plaid (check), Denim and White shirt

These 3 shirts will always be that selfless friend who will never let you down, they are easy to wash and maintain provided you don’t wear it out till the sweat stains dries up permanently hahaha (YES! Even your dhobi bhaiya will find it easy to wash, in case you are a lazy bones who hates laundry ;)). Wear it button down with a white tee and your movie outing or lecture hall look is ready, button it up and you are ready for a meet with your HOD or Dean ;).

Stick to stone washed denims, trust me you’ll be surprised to see how well it works with everything.

Jeans & Chinos

I know I know.. Everyone wears jeans and chinos in this day and age hahaha. But let’s be honest, selecting the right shade of jeans and chinos is a tedious process. So here’s a trick, stick to darker shades when it comes to chinos for eg; grey or navy and olive green if you want a dash of colour. These colours go well with maximum combinations and occasions. When it comes to jeans stick to basic lightly washed jeans (As simple as that!). 

Here are some colour palates that work well for everyone, subtle yet enough to make a statement.

You really do need to SMELL good!!

Just using a cologne or deodorant doesn’t cut it; you might use a heavy brand or a very basic drug store product, can you make yourself smell decent without offending someone’s nostril is the big question here hahaha. My advice is to go for something subtle, few sprays behind your ear and one or two just below your Adams apple 😉 and you are good to go. 

These two products from Tommy and Body Shop will not disappoint in case you intend to buy

Grab these Shoes!!

There is nothing like a good pair of white shoe, it just instantly adds so much life to your entire look, in fact pairing these with chinos and basic grey tee is comfy and trendy too.

Second guessing a white pair? Grey plimsoll is something you can try.

Feel like trying something a little bit high fashion? These gold detailing or patent slip-ons is a good place to start.

There you go guys! A very simple guide put together keeping in mind about comfort but not compromising with style.  

But please remember that fashion and lifestyle is just a tiny part of your life, don’t let it overshadow you or make you overlook all the good things you have in your life. 

Happy Shopping!! 😉

Picture Source: Jabong and Koovs