Dec. 5 to 8, 2022

Manthan 2.2 – Executive Development Program on Customer Service Excellence for Panasonic Life Solutions India marked the beginning of collaboration between the Multi National conglomerate Panasonic and Lovely Professional University confirming our commitment to strengthen industry – academia interface. Approximately 50 delegates of the customer Service Team of Panasonic Life Solutions India attended the four days training and development program.  

A series of pre training diagnostics were conducted in meetings between team HRDC and Head of customer service, Zonal heads and other Team members of Panasonic Life Solutions India. The training need analysis lead to creation of a customized EDP to address the goals.  

Mr. Takeshi Yasuda, CS Director of the company addressed the participants through video conferencing. The technical training sessions on Switch Gears, Solar equipment, lighting equipment and IAQ start ratings were delivered by trainers from Panasonic. Behavioural Training focusing on Leadership and Team work, Happitude – the attitude of Happiness by Subject Matter Experts of Lovely Professional University.

In the context setting, the participants were briefed about the session flow, participation norms, key takeaways and a unique ‘Agreement to Succeed’ was signed by all the participants spelling the intent and the outcome.

The participants experienced the out-bound behavioral training in which Team HRDC dwelt on these focus areas by curating certain challenges for the participants simulating the actual work environment. In the Treasure Hunt in the Agri Fields of LPU, the participants looked for the hidden treasures (playing cards) just like they look for strategies to convert customer dissatisfaction to satisfaction and delight. Outbound training programs such as this EDP, are a platform to reflect upon day-to-day work and initiate an introspection as to how work performance can be improved.

A Theatre show titled ‘Deva O Deva – Customer Ki Sewa’ reflecting the importance of Customer Service Teams in enhancing customer’s trust in the brand and enhancing brand equity was staged. The theatre show followed by a performance of Bhangra by LPU bhangra team which filled the entire Panasonic team with energy and excitement. A bonfire witnessing camaraderie while the delegates were engaged in various activities, in a boundary less manner.

The training sessions were preceded by Morning Work Out activities like Zumba and Yoga sessions in LPU Unipolis, led by the Physical Education Department. The delegates were truly BACK TO CAMPUS, as per the energy, enthusiasm and coordination reflected in these sessions.

The final day saw the summing of the learnings of all the sessions. The ‘Reflexions’ of the out bound activities and realigning the experiences with real life situations. The participants also went through an action learning project – titled ‘START, STOP, CONTINUE’ wherein they brainstormed in teams regarding new practices to be adopted to strengthen Customer reach, optimize service cost, exceed customers’ expectations, adopt new technologies, team development and prepare for New Business Lines, practices need to be STOPPED and practices need to be CONTINUED with greater fervor.

Dr. Preeti Bajaj, Vice Chancellor, Lovely Professional University Presided over the Valedictory session in which she distributed the certificates and awards to High Flyers of Panasonic. She emphasized on the need of mutual learning initiatives of corporate and academia. A road map was framed for ventures in collaboration as regards consultancy, trainings, internships or any other initiatives.  

The participants in their observations expressed delight over the planning, conduct and the takeaways of the four day residential program and showed eagerness to participate in more of such experiential programs conducted by Lovely Professional University!