Lovely Professional University (LPU) in collaboration with Tata Tiscon and Blue Planet, an NGO working on Sustainability, hosted a 1-day Sustainability Sensitizing Workshop on May 28, 2024 titled “Mainstreaming Sustainability for Climate Smart Habitats”. The workshop aimed to educate participants on the principles of sustainability and how they can be applied to the built environment.

LPU HRDC in collaboration with Tata Tiscon and Blue Planet

The workshop began with a welcome and inaugural address by Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Prof. and Dean, Head-Human Resource Development Center. She emphasized taking proactive measures to sustain climate changes and how each responsible citizen should practice sustainable habits. Ar. Tara Singla, Professor, Lovely School of Architecture and Design shared the Practitioner’s Perspective, giving daily action examples that can contribute to sustainability. This was followed by an introduction to sustainability by Ms. Sangita Kapoor, Sustainability Champion and Subject Matter Expert, Blue Planet, who covered topics such as the design and choice of sustainable materials, optimal use of natural resources for holistic health and well-being, and the Gaia theory.

Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor and Dean HRDC, in her inaugural Address

Ar. Tara Singla, Professor, LSDA, sharing her perspective

Ms. Sangita Kapoor, Blue Planet, deliberating on life cycle assessment

Ms. Kapoor then presented on life cycle assessment, carbon footprint, and innovations in steel construction. This was followed by a group exercise on low carbon-built structures led by Dr. Prabhjot Chani, Professor, School of Architecture And Design, IIT Roorkee, who discussed carbon footprint, carbon credits, and the carbon life cycle of buildings and building materials.

Dr. Prabhjot Channi, IIT Roorkee, discussing about Carbon Footprint

Ar. Rajpal Singh, focusing on Efficiency in Design

After the lunch break, the workshop focused on efficiency in design, minimizing waste, and optimizing efficiency. Ar. Rajpal Singh, Principal Architect, Peaceful by DESIGN, discussed alternative building techniques, while Ar. Siddhartha Wig, Principal Architect, The Elements, addressed the role of architects in reducing the carbon footprint of built structures. The participants engaged in practical application-based activities and exercises with role play throughout the day.

Ar. Sidhartha Vig, focusing on role of architects in reducing the carbon footprint of built structures The comprehensive workshop provided a holistic understanding of sustainability principles and their application in the built environment, equipping the participants with the knowledge and tools to create climate-smart habitats. The participants consisting of practicing architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, Designers, environmentalists and planners appreciated the efforts and the workshop flow. They also lauded the initiatives taken by Tata Tiscon for this social cause. The certificate of participation was given to the participants.

The Valedictory Session