Everyday should be Guru Purnima, a day when you honor what life has taught you. 

Guru Purnima, a day to honor the sculptors of our destinies, our ‘teachers’.  As I was scrolling the news feeds on twitter and facebook on Guru Purnima, two days ago, all I could see was people posting their pictures with their teachers thanking them for their contribution in their lives. It was adorable. I too called few of my teachers to wish them. But then a thought popped up into my head, why only the people in our life who have chosen the profession of a “teacher” are remembered on this occasion? 

Any one in our life who has taught us anything is a teacher. Parents or friends for instance, teach us so much more than any course book can ever can. Parents teach us the most important thing, to love unconditionally, which is the very essence of a beautiful life. Friends (whether good or bad) end up giving us a part of themselves. I personally have learnt a lot from the few close friends that I have. Good ones make you happy and the bad ones leave you with hard earned lessons that make you stronger. Anyone who has taught you to love, to live, to forgive, to let go or just to be happy without any reason deserves to be remembered on this day. 

Then yet another thought struck me, what about life and all the lessons it teaches us? Life teaches us so many things – what is right and what is wrong for us; what is real and what is unreal for us; exclusive lessons that are meant just for us, things that the wisest can teach us. Honor that! When you reflect on your life and honor the wisdom that life has offered you, that is honoring the Guru that is life, the Guru that is within you. 

It is a day to be grateful. When you see how wisdom has transformed your life, you feel grateful for all that has come your way. Celebrating this feeling of gratitude is Guru Purnima. Wisdom  resides in each and every one of us, waiting to dawn into a day of enlightenment.