The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. -Diogenes

We all have heard that youths are the building blocks of the country and the world. This statement is actually authentic. Youth is responsible for bringing change and develop society. Also, the people who are older than us carry much more experience. If the youth is adequately guided by the elders, the world becomes a paradise.

LPU Tachyons invited honorable Anna Hazare Ji to guide the students under their Udaan 4.0 initiative. Anna Hazare is a household name for the Indians for revolution and social activism. He was awarded Bhushan for his social work. His achievements are not limited to the trophies and positions he got but are extended to his change into society.

Teachings by Honorable Anna Hazare in Udaan 4.0 by organized by Tachyons

This session came live on LPU live page and was hosted by Mr. Sachin Sidhra, a faculty member of LPU. Anna Hazare told about his feelings towards Independence Day and the sacrifice of all the martyrs.  He says that the youth’s power is our society’s power. He said he is not here to tell everyone what he did, but he is here to aware the youth of their responsibilities.

He was very inspired by the books of Swami Vivekananda. He made many sacrifices for the country and society and lived his whole life working for them. He says the source of eternal happiness is in the selfless service of the community. Bliss has the entire society as a family. The materialistic world can never give you joy. It is an illusion. The pleasure is in simplicity and the sense of fraternity. You should be on the giving end and not on the receiving end. You should remember the sacrifices of all the brave people who gave their lives for this great nation.

He believes that one should keep one’s behavior, personality, and thoughts pure. Sacrifice doesn’t mean you need to leave things but be conscious about everything and decide for the greater purpose.  Hw gave a beautiful analogy that “The trees don’t bow down during floods hence are eradicated from the ground yet the grass bows down and remains the same.” He also advised students to have the capacity to bear and tolerate insults. One’s words and deeds should match for becoming a credible person.

Teachings by Honorable Anna Hazare in Udaan 4.0 by organized by Tachyons

In conclusion, he was adamant that the youth should be promoted and get into the frontline of society, and society should appreciate their efforts.