With new aspirations and dreams, Lovely Professional University (LPU) welcomed new Vertos wholeheartedly. The university provides its students with the best infrastructure and facilities to unleash their creativity and explore their passions.

Freshmen Carnival Induction is an annual festival at LPU where we celebrate the advent of a new Verto journey. The freshers carry the new-age spirits to achieve something, become extraordinary and pursue their dreams.

LPU provides every opportunity at its discretion to help the freshers benefit from all the activities happening at the university. This year, this Freshmen Induction Carnival was a 7-day joyride where every organization and department gave an outlook of the possibilities inside the campus.

Several booths of the organizations come under the Department of Student Organization. There were departments like the Department of Sports, Department of Cultural Affairs, NCC, NSS, DYC, etc., which organized activities for the students to make them aware of the opportunities available on the campus. The whole Unipolis looked like a carnival, fully equipped with food and facilities for the freshers and their guardians.

The performances included Freshmen Talent Search organized to pull out talented individuals. There were game parlours where you could experience the best technology out there. Each organization from the Division of Student Welfare gave its best to represent itself and give freshers the zest in their work.

One such event to check the spontaneity of the freshers called “Red Light, Green Light” was organized by United Nations Youth Community and Aurora LPU, where the freshers showed their enthusiasm and won prizes like a free two-day trial to Fitness Edge Gym and other benefits.  

The learnings and the fun were immense, and this marked the commencement of a great year. Through the giggling and smiling faces of the proud Vertos, the spirits and intention to grow were visible.