With the Christmas holidays just have passed by a month ago, you must have come across decorated buildings, cute Santas, and a lot of gift exchanges. Well, without all this, holidays do not seem so bright. One of those embellished buildings includes hotels. During the winter break, if you spent some time at a hotel, you must have witnessed a great deal of holiday spirit coming alive with their spick-and-span setting and careful detail to all aspects of the hotel, be it the reception or the dining area. Now, what goes on behind the scenes?


What items are to be kept in the lobby, and which ones to be discarded? What food items are to be prepared and how are they going to be presented? Who takes care of all the minute and detailed specifications? The obvious answer is the management committee of the hotel. The authoritative panel takes the decisions and delegates them to the staff. Another most important question here is — what skills do the board have and who polished those skills to make them competent for such a position? The same goes for the staff and interns at the hotel, What makes them able to perform their tasks effectively? The right choice of college determines the efficiency of the staff. The capability and smart thinking of the team are brought forward by the right kind of studies at the college level. For a course in the hospitality and food sector, the student must choose the best out of all the options.

Career in Hotel Management

Colleges provide great exposure and understanding of the subject matter to their students. Many colleges in India offer hotel management as a degree but the factor that makes Lovely Professional University distinctive is its focus on practicality rather than learning by theory. The university is keen on giving students maximum exposure within the campus. The degree is not a conventional one with a center of attention being books and heavy notes but hands-on training and learning.

The 3-year degree offers a diverse syllabus distributed evenly throughout the semesters. From basic food production to the art of bread making, the course is one of a kind with its assorted curriculum. The university also offers a variety of elective courses which will help students in setting up their careers. Courses such as communication skills, and learning different languages are of utmost significance in the job sector today, therefore the university has incorporated such beneficial subjects along with the degree.

Since the university is aimed towards giving students a practical understanding of the hospitality sector, it has all the required pieces of equipment. Updated kitchens, housekeeping labs, front office labs, and stimulating restaurants and bars are all a part of the hands-on experience for the students. School of Hotel Management and Tourism also set a record of having created the longest salad bar measuring 311.2 meters, made up of 7 different types of vegetables and weighing 1259 Kg which was an extraordinary achievement for the university.

LPU School of Hotel Management creates Longest Salad Bar

With timely competitions, conferences and energetic events, students get the needed expertise and opportunities to enhance their skills. Moreover, students are offered the best internships and jibs with excellent salary packages. Reputed hotels like The Leela, The Oberoi Group and Hyatt Regency selected the students of Hotel Management and Tourism. The stereotypes of hotel management being a waiter job are constantly broken by the university. It has given newer definitions and dimensions to the course with not just limiting it to a serving task but giving equal proficiency to all the facets of the hospitality sector. LPU is the most competent choice for a degree in hotel management. It is interactive, stimulating, proficient and practical. Students are bound to gain a lot during the span of the degree due to LPU’s wide spectrum of curriculum and exceptional experience.