Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

-Thomas Alva Edison

You don’t really compete with others. All you compete with is yourself. You already fail every time you choose to give up when it is too soon. The thought of losing and putting in effort comes to mind every now and then. Our human responsibility is not to let that thought get under our skin. Humanity has achieved exceptional progress because of its spirit and efforts. In a student’s life, this principle is crucial for success. It can be a dealbreaker if you don’t stick long enough for something to get completed to see the results.

There are several competitions which check your consistency. For one, I have been participating in these contests and competitions to check on my determination. Hackathons are one of the best creations of humanity to get to solutions fast enough and cut the red tape.

An educational institution always needs to employ all the methods for its students to learn new and grow more. Student organization Techstack, under the aegis of the Division of Student Services, Lovely Professional University (LPU), in collaboration with iNeuron, organized India’s biggest hackathon with 1500+ participants who showed up at the venue to compete in this Tech-a-Thon. I was fortunate enough to have participated in such a competition.

People from all age brackets and from all over India and overseas came to LPU to participate in this competition. The competition started with an introductory session with the founders of iNeuron. They motivated and inspired each participant to give their best. It was exhilarating interaction. Then the participants commenced their 24-hour-long development journey.

Every single need of the participants was taken care of by the organizers. Even though it is one of the biggest competitions ever hosted, everything happened timely and adequately. My team participated in the competition and worked overnight to discover intriguing problem statements through technology. After the long 24-hour hackathon, a felicitation ceremony was organized. The top 3 were given hefty prizes, and all the participants were given free 6 months’ access to iNeuron’s courses.

Vertos aced the competition, and standing as the 1st runner-up gave me some learnings:

  1. Never give up until you see the results.
  2. Underpromise and overdeliver.
  3. Don’t get intimidated by the contest, as you are your biggest competition.

LPU keeps providing such opportunities, which is why we are proud as vertos.