Every day we have a lot of things to do, but most of us can’t accomplish all of those. The best-proven way to make your day more productive is to start using to-do-list or writing journals. These materials act as a mentor and reflect your pending works and lags of the day. But still, many students are unable to use it nicely and thus not able to get the max outcome. Here are short tips especially for college students to become more productive with to-do-list.

Prioritization of Tasks

scheduleThere is a book on this point named as ‘Eat that Frog’ which tells various effective way for task organization. Prioritizing tasks are the most essential and important thing if you want full productivity. You have a lot of things and targets to complete. Arrange them in order of 1 to 10 where the most important works are placed on the top positions. Try to accomplish those hard but important tasks in the morning hours. This will give you a satisfactory feeling throughout the day and removes their useless stress.


Dividing Categories and Sections

scheduleWriting down your goals and target will not help you in completing it. Many persons usually get more stress and confusion by writing down their daily plans. Try to specify your goals. ‘Study’ should be specified as ‘Study Computer Science’ or it can be more specified as ‘Study C programming topics in Computer Science’. This makes your vision clear and increases your focus as well as interest. Break down your goals and put into categories. Study-related things should be in the study column not in daily habits section.


Scheduling the Goals

scheduleThe most important thing students lack is time management. Time management can’t be achieved by reading novels or watching some YouTube videos on it. It can only be achieved by applying and practising it daily. Don’t just write your daily goals, assign it exact timeslots. Assigning timeslots to your goals will make you more disciplined and then only you will care about every single second of the day. The best way is to divide 3-hour interval slots from 6 AM till night and write goals into those sections.


Questioning and Tracking

scheduleThis method along with all other makes your to-do-list your perfect personal mentor. Dedicate an extra page daily to your to-do-list and write questions like, what are my goals, what I have accomplished today, what lessons I have learned today and how I can improve tomorrow. Always answer these questions before sleep, this will help you in examining yourself and increasing your self-consciousness. Also make a weekly tracker in which you should rate your performance throughout the week, strengths and weakness and write ways of how you going to improve further.