It has happened to all of us multiple times, for sure. In most cases, self-doubt comes into the picture either when we are overthinking or when someone entrusts us with jobs that we lack confidence in or are uncertain if we are the right person for the task. First of all, let me clear that self-doubt is quite normal and, at times, can prove to be helpful by making us realize we aren’t the almighty doer and we aren’t always right. Self-doubt can also make us strive towards our betterment and make our path to success clearer in front of our eyes.

Everything is good till a point, after which the excess can trigger unfavorable results. Persistent self-doubt caused due to past experiences, mistakes, or fear of failure can induce numerous adverse effects on health and the mind. Anxiety, depression, procrastination, and low self-esteem can kick in and make life hard to enjoy.

It’s clear why self-doubt can be harmful to us and can inflict damage to our self-confidence. But how to get rid of it? Here are the steps with detailed explanations:

  1. Accept Self-doubt as a Part of Your Life

Even the most experienced personals in your domain will have self-doubt when they pick up new projects. Remember that you are not only the one having doubts about yourself. On the flip side, you should be pleased with yourself for having self-doubt. Why? Self-doubt only arises when you are taking up a significant task, not the general one. It means you are on your path of upscaling yourself, which implies you are on the right track for progress.

Accept the little bit of self-doubt, shrug it off and start the job. You won’t even notice when your self-doubt changes its gear to self-confidence.

  • Remember Your Achievements

Whenever you are held back by persistent self-doubt, stop procrastination and bring yourself to the present. Forget everything, and stay in the moment. Relax and think about your achievements in the past. Think of times when you were happy because of what you achieved, and when your parents were glad, and your friends congratulated you.

Relieve those moments and imagine how good it will be to go through those moments again. It is your opportunity to rewind those good times in life again. Your past achievements will force you to dive in with more confidence and an urge to succeed.

  • Stop comparing yourself with others.

Every human being is unique, so is you. You have your own set of strengths, weaknesses, and personality. Whenever you find yourself comparing with others, stop immediately and save time. The person whom you are comparing yourself with went through different conditions and circumstances. Comparing both of you on a single scale is never justified.

Try comparing your present self with your past and gauge how far you have come. If a comparison is your thing to do, perhaps this is the best way to do so.

Steps such as spending time with people who support you, optimistic thinking, talking to others about your fears and insecurities might help. However, if self-doubt has become a part of your daily life, seeking professional help and opting for therapy might be of great help.