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LPU organized International Conference on Microbial Bio-prospecting

* The conference aimed United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with the Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI)
How to make the best choice for your career

How to make the best choice for your career

One of the toughest choices that anyone gets to make is to choose the career most suitable for them and with so...
A step towards personal growth

A Step Towards Personal Growth

Every day we add some things to our lives to our routines, which change the course of our lifetime. Sometimes we add new habits,...
The Best Approach Is To Set Smart Goals

The Best Approach Is To Set Smart Goals

You saw a dream of being successful in your life but how to start? You set a goal but how to achieve it? From...

Focused Or Distracted?

If you're distracted by the topic, you understood it to be another moral value lecture by an elder or some motivational speaker.

Delayed Gratification: Why You Should Do It

Delayed gratification is a simple yet important concept. It means to make a choice that confines the ability to get something now, for the...

How To Organize Your To-Do-List!

Every day we have a lot of things to do, but most of us can’t accomplish all of those. The best-proven way to make...

Hakuna Matata And Accomplish Your Goals!

For college students, the intention of success could be a demoralizing concept. At once you are young and having the whole life ahead but...

Transforming Dreams to Reality

When it comes to dreaming, I always get reminded of a great personality, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam who defined "Dream is not that...

Watering Dead Plants

Some things might be similar to you while some may be completely unrecognized. Few things always fascinate us and the more we try to...