There can be several reasons for you to feel the need of pulling an all-nighter. It can be your important exam or anything got off schedule so you can pull it back on schedule. But pulling an all-nighter is not that easy. You might fall asleep or get so exhausted that you mess up with the upcoming day’s schedule. So here are the tips to get full advantage of staying up all night without falling asleep or getting tired in between:

Avoid Coffee or tea (stay hydrated)

all-nighterWell, we go for caffeinated drinks, especially tea or coffee when it comes to staying up all night. Avoid consuming these as they might help with the temporary buzz, but will crash the next day, disturbing your schedule. Try drinking water at frequent intervals instead of coffee or tea. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you to stay active.

Take breaks

Don’t go straight for 2-3 hours. Take short breaks in between. This will allow your mind to set whatever you have studied before moving on to the next topic or chapter.

Keep moving

all-nighterIf you feel dozy, try shaking your feet or read while walking in your room. This will make you active, preventing you from dozing off.

Sit Straight

Sit with your back straight and don’t bend forward on the desk otherwise, you will doze off.

Eat protein-rich food

all-nighterAvoid heavy meals (especially rich in carbohydrates and fats) in dinner as these consume more oxygen to digest than proteins; thus, making you tired and drowsy. Consume more dairy products as they are rich in protein. Fruits are also a good option over any sugary item.

Be positive

Stay positive and think positive. Negative thoughts will slow down your productivity thus, consuming more of your time. Positive thought will help you stay motivated and prevent you from leaving any task in between. For example:

“I am almost done.”

“This topic is simple and easy.”

“I can easily stay awake until sunrise.”

Limit distractions

all-nighterSwitch off your mobile phones and keep your tablets or laptops in another room so you won’t get distracted and have enough time to complete your work.

Know the limit: Doing an all-nighter once is okay, but the day after, you have to get a good night’s sleep. It’s very unhealthy to go without sleep for several days or doing an all-nighter daily.