KSA (Knowledge, Skill, Ability)


With the roots of globalization deepening into the market of different nations, the need for employees with the right mix of Knowledge, Skill and Ability (KSA) has emerged. Earlier, many big corporate houses recruited employees who had basic knowledge, and brought them up to speed with on the job training. However, with markets getting incresaingly dynamic corporates do not have the time and resources to invest into training each recruit which has lead to the need for market ready employees. An applicant who wants to get recruited needs to be equipped with the requisite KSA before he appears for the screening process.

In cases where applicants to the same job have more or less equal knowledge, skills and ability may become the gamechangers. Skills may be languages known, artistic talent, IT savviness, community service experience and the like. Ability is perhaps the most impotant quality required in a resource, because it directly translates into his or her output. The ability to put knowlege and skills to use, the ability to assess, analyze and act as per a situations demand, the ability to communicate well – these are invaluable in any employee.

The shortage of applicants with the right mix of K.S.A is the reason for low placements in colleges and universities. Lovely Professional University is one of the few universities that provide a dedicated Personality Enhancement Programme (PEP) that works to enhance students’ skills and abilities so as to make them market ready.