LPU School of Mechanical Engineering organized a 3-day International Conference on Composite Materials, Manufacturing, Experimental Techniques, Modelling & Simulation (ICCMMEMS 2018). The purpose of the Conference was to provide a unique platform to facilitate the scientists, researchers, academicians, industrialists and students to share the recent advancements and the challenges in the technological development of composite materials.

Global leaders from France, Mexico, India and more participated in the conference. Inaugural address of the conference was made by Director NISCAIR (CSIR) Dr Manoj Kumar Patairiya, who expressed his concern over increasing imports made by India and emphasized over the art of conversion of wisdom to wealth for making India top global economic power. UGV Technical Lead at the Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd Mr Gaurav Singh, Dean NITTR Chandigarh Dr BS Pabla and Head Industrial Engineering Deptt NIT Dr Vishal Sharma also attended the conference as speakers.

Scientists and researchers from 15 countries including Australia, Canada, US, Germany, Singapore and more presented more than 500 research papers. Out of these, 200 were selected for presentation during different technical sessions and 112 papers were forwarded to Scopus Index Publication.

Dr Manoj motivated Mechanical Engineering students by saying, “Focusing on your scientific temperament, keep on learning how to be more analytical and systematic and make the most of the time of “Composites” we are living in now. Learn how to connect your wisdom to wealth through your scientific bent. I advise you to take right kind of decision at right point of time, and never allow time to take the decision to be repented later by you. Keep always this in mind that – since time immemorial science and technology in unison have been helping humanity continuously for its varied needs.”

Among the keynote speakers at the conference were, Prof Dr Noe Alba-Baena from Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez of Mexico and Prof Dr Prasantha Kalappa from IMT Lille-Douae of France.

International Conference on Composite Materials at LPU

LPU Chancellor Ashok Mittal commended Mechanical engineers for their contributions in creating the world full of facilities at everyone’s doorstep. He encouraged students of Mechanical Engineering to work diligently. He also appreciated them for their extensive participation in events like EFFI Cycle, Go-Kart, and robot-making.