Lovely Professional University has always been a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the country. Round the year, Lovely Professional University orchestrates countless sessions with industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs, which over the years have spawned numerous thriving startups like “Syntax Edutek” by Amit Kumar (MBA) listed among the top 50 international track in Startup Wheel 2021, “Sixinterns” by Tharun Kumar Vulli (B.Tech.), “Micro-house OPods” by Perala Manasa (B.Tech.) & Donthireddy Naveen Reddy (MBAthe first of its kind in IndiaEnviropromise” by Sai Abhinay Chepuri, etc. While some Vertos are busy whipping up startups, some Vertos love brainstorming like Kunwar Sahi (B.Tech.), secured 2nd position at the ASB Ideathon 2021, with that Lovely Professional University, never fails to impress.

Acknowledging Lovely Professional University’s chronicles, the Institution’s Innovation Council, Ministry of Education, Government of India has selected Lovely Professional University as a Mentor Institution for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Under this program, Lovely Professional University will facilitate knowledge exchange and sharing of interdisciplinary expertise with other participating institutions. Lovely Professional University will act as a hub for all mentee institutions, for innovation & entrepreneurship-related programs like seminars, workshops, guest lectures, etc.

The purpose is to create awareness of the issues faced by the locals at the grassroots and provide simple, cost-effective, yet ingenious solutions. That’s how foreign institutions and institutions in India like Lovely Professional University are changing lives. Such programs have the potential to revolutionize the country to an unfathomable extent, and the competition among the institutions and the students shall ensure personal growth along with the development and prosperity of our nation. From Lovely Professional University taking the lead as a mentor, Vertos will be bestowed with plenty of opportunities to network with a much larger peer group possessing incredible zeal and clever ideas for the betterment of humankind.