Lovely Professional University has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt why it is the premier institution of higher learning in India. Students at LPU are given the opportunity to take classes that have been specifically designed for them by industry professionals and highly qualified faculty members. These classes combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience to better prepare students for professions in a globalised economy. Because they have both real-world experience and a strong foundation in advanced academic principles, the Vertos have the tools and knowledge they need to meet their own and their parents’ goals and get great placements.

Placements at LPU continue to improve. Abhishika Agarwal, a student at LPU studying computer science engineering, has served as a shining example of achievement by securing a placement with Motorq at a salary of INR 50 lakhs rupees.

Abhishika Agarwal is an ambitious student pursuing a B.Tech Computer Science Engineering. She possesses exceptional leadership and communication skills. She has worked with a wide variety of organisations and has held the position of campus ambassador for several well-known student organizations, including Coding Blocks, Newton School and FamPay. In addition, she has also worked as a student partner for Internshala and as a developer for the Microsoft Technical Community at LPU. She is a competitive programmer with remarkable problem-solving skills and has won a number of coding challenges and contests. In addition, she has contributed to open source, and she was chosen to participate in Hacktoberfest. She has a strong fascination with machine learning and robotic process automation.

Motorq began selling aftermarket auto parts and accessories in 1963 and has over 50 years of automotive experience and provides quality products at competitive pricing. Motorq has replacement parts, aftermarket accessories, and vehicle upgrades you need. Motorq’s cloud-based data and analytics platform provide business intelligence. Motorq’s machine learning and AI technologies collect, normalise, and analyse OEM-embedded and aftermarket telematics data to help customers make smarter decisions. Motorq has worked with seven of the top 10 vehicle manufacturers to protect vehicle data for its customers, which include the top 300 fleets and the top 20 global fleet management organizations.

We at LPU are sending Abhishika Agarwal our best wishes and a big congratulations on her new endeavour.