* Participants are VCs, President and Directors from top institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Australia, France, Germany, Poland, and more

* “Students should be taught practically to stay connected to the industry”: LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal

Lovely Professional University inaugurated its first five day long annual international conference and global summit (AICGS)-2022 at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium, today. The churning deliberations will be on the topic “Ground-breaking Internationalization in Higher Education. The conference is witnessing the elite presence of 50+ International delegates who are the VCs, Presidents and Directors from top institutions of the USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Australia, France, Germany, Poland, and more.

Initiating the conference, Vice President at LPU Dr Aman Mittal, who also heads international affairs at the university, welcomed all guests who travelled long distances to make the assemblage remarkable. He mentioned that the Global Summit at LPU is a unique initiative of the university to promote international opportunities that LPU brings to its students through student and faculty exchanges; unique credit transfer programs and also through joint international research collaboration. He also shared that the Govt. of India has released National Education Policy 2020, which has laid down a clear policy shift in making the collaboration process for Indian and foreign universities much easier. This indicates the right time for both Indian and foreign institutions to strengthen their relationships.

LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal chaired the conference and suggested all delegates to work for novel ways towards dissemination of knowledge, particularly in the aftermath of the education scenario due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Joining the university after visiting the University of Oxford in the UK, Dr Mittal advised that getting only academic transference from a foreign university is not enough.

Elaborating Dr Mittal advised that the real purpose during ‘credit transfer’ should also be based on cultural transference. Indian students should imbibe foreign culture, and a foreigner that of India. Similarly, the internationalization of education should vouch for the development of a new attitude of adjustment; imbibing of diversity; adaptability and adjustments to other cultures and more.

During panel discussions, two topics were broadly discussed. ‘International Collaboration Model in Higher Education: Right Recipe for Success’ was moderated by Dr Aman Mittal. He informed all that the New Education Policy of the country is illustrative about seeing foreign university campuses in other lands for mutual progress and prosperity. The other- ‘Prospects and Challenges of Internationalization in Post COVID era’ was moderated by Pro Vice-Chancellor at LPU, Dr Sanjay Modi.  The participating delegates shared in common that the internationalization of education in the current scenario is mainly essential for cross-cultural awareness, good governance, sophistication and availing of global opportunities as per the talents within.

Some of the participating universities which are part of the global summit include: the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA; La Trobe University, Australia; Laurentian University, Canada; HSE University, Russia; University of Venda, South Africa; France Campus, French Embassy; German Varsity, Germany; University of Lodz, Poland; and, many more.

In fact, by developing a strong higher education network within India and around the world, LPU brings innumerable opportunities for students, faculty, and the connected community. Presently it is working with 300+ Universities across the globe. This 5-day seminar on internationalization is a dialogue on how the post-Covid world has strengthened, re-introduced, and introduced strong models of education on internationalization. The next days will have important guest lectures within different faculties for interactions with international credit transfer students.