On the 15th of July 1948, the National Cadet Corps (NCC) was officially established as an esteemed organization in the country with an aim to promote all-inclusive development of the youth, forbye the program has titanic nation-building capabilities. The very motto of the community organization is “Unity & Discipline,” which happens to be one of the core values cherished, and its core beliefs “obey with a smile; be punctual; work hard & without fuss; make no excuses & lies,” sets an archetype of altruistic commitment and togetherness. 

Lovely Professional University is one of the few universities in the country with an active NCC wing, hosting 100+ NCC cadets, who’re not just the second line of defense, preferably are leaders incarnate, and for heading a team of leaders, there must be a person with awe-inspiring leadership capabilities, who happens to be Lovely Professional University’s Associate NCC Officer Lt Kamaljeet Singh. He has received an appreciation certificate from the Additional Director General (ADG), Chandigarh Directorate, for his contributions to the National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Lt Kamaljeet Singh not just planned various NCC events for the 8 Punjab Battalion, he also motivated NCC cadets to take part in the Annual Republic Day Camp (RDC) held at the Garrison Parade Ground, Delhi Cantt, every year from 1st of January to 29th of January, representing all communities of the country, and is a miniature India in itself. Three LPU NCC cadets were a part of the RDC 2022 at New Delhi.

Having an active NCC wing on-campus ain’t with its own perks, Cadets who sign up get institutional mentoring and have the opportunity to indulge in happening activities, social programs, nationwide and annual training camps, cultural fests, and other exercises. Integrity, kinship, obedience, a worldly perspective, a willingness to take action, athleticism, and benevolent service are among attributes that NCC fosters in its cadets.