International Pharmaceutical Federation(FIP) marks 25th September as World Pharmacy Day to support the pharmacists around the world in their role of improving the healthcare of people. School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at LPU followed the protocol and celebrated the World Pharmacy Day on 25th September. Many students and staff gathered and vowed to follow the ethics laid by Pharmacy Council of India and to be an integral part of the healthcare system.

During a symbolic ceremony, senior students welcomed new students by making them wear white-coat, which is a symbol of nobility in the pharmacy profession. The evening also saw several other activities and games like short-plays and slogan writing.

LPU Celebrates World Pharmacy Day
Senior students welcoming new students by making them wear white-coat.

LPU Director General Er. HR Singla advised the students to be true to their profession. Pharmacy is a profession that makes use of health sciences and chemical sciences to ensure the health and safety of people. The first ever known pharmacist, Sushruta has an Indian origin. He had described 1100 different types of illnesses and about 700 types of medicinal plants that could be used for the treatment.