Newly evolved Covid-19 is posing a significant threat to global public health. The recent surge in positive cases and deaths made us think to bring some measures to prevent the extensive spread of the virus. At present, we are not in a position to effectively treat COVID-19. Since, neither approved vaccines nor specific antiviral drugs for treating human CoV infections are available.

With this in mind, LPU students and researchers thought of creating something to prevent the virus from spreading by implementing a technology that would aid in the proper sanitization of a human being. Then the idea of ‘COVID-19-Sanitization Pod’ came to life which can be installed in most places where the footfalls are high, further these people could be sanitised in an effective way to prevent the spread of the virus.

In this tunnel, at the entry, there are automated doors which hosts a thermal camera to notice the body temperature of the particular person who is entering into the tunnel. If the temperature of the person who is entering into the tunnel is above 98-degree centigrade it will inform the doctor immediately and the turnstile would not open.

To disinfect each person, it will take 8/10 seconds. The total cost incurred in preparing the prototype inclusive of sanitizing material sums up to 1. 10 Lakhs but to bring a fully-fledged model for installation, it will cost 1.50 lakhs (approx.). This cost would certainly go down in case we get industrial partners to work with us on the production of this tunnel. We believe in that case the overall cost would come down below 1 lakh rupees.

LPU would like to install the prototype within its campus as it hosts a huge chunk of the population. Thereafter, they are planning to install it in the State bus terminal entrance and exit, hospitals, supermarkets and many other public places that attract maximum footfall.