College could be all sorts of overwhelming with academics, projects, exams and whatnot.  After you’re done with this, taking some more classes or courses during the only time you get to relax and having fun could be the last thing on your mind. But before you completely abandon the idea, let’s discuss a few points why they aren’t as futile as one might think. Stick around to find out.

  1. Best time to explore new areas you’ve always thought about

Everyone has those certain areas they’re interested in, and in which they’ve always wanted to explore and learn more. With summer courses, a student can get all the time and freedom they want to pursue their interests or even get those extra credits in the bag. With extra time to work on projects and interact with the faculty, going that extra mile is worth it. Now with endless resources like the LPU UMS, students of LPU can go ahead and learn their way through the summers easier than ever!

  1. Flexibility and Fun!

With every day of college being jam-packed and haphazard, summers have very few people on the campus which is great for taking up an extra course or project work as you’ll have more flexibility and opportunities to shine resulting in a bright spot on your profile making you stand out among other students. If you’re a student of LPU, make sure to check out the LPU eConnect and utilize the amazing resources given to you for distance learning enhancement.

  1. Get ahead of your peers!

With that extra knowledge and acquired focus, you’re sure to speed through the rest of your regular courses making you more knowledgable and focused. Most summer courses in India are designed in a particular way to provide extra assistance and deeper conceptual understanding in the regular course topics.

  1. Letters of Recommendation and a better-looking profile

When you interact more with your faculty members and show them your skills and areas of interest, you are bound to draw their interest and gain insights along with all the help you need. On this day, a good Letter of Recommendation or a supporting letter to a college makes all the difference!

  1. Lastly, it is an experience that will be worth it!

Getting that college experience and the feeling of self-satisfaction is better and more humbling than you think. You’ll get to make new friends, meet like-minded people, learn new things you can’t find in textbooks and most importantly, have fun learning! These experiences and memories that stick will be completely different from those that are of regular college days. You’ll see it!