Regardless of the amount we value Lovely Professional University, we can never sufficiently describe the unceasing support that university provides as it braces the blossoming talent with all it has. Yet again we have a thriving star Jaspreet Kaur who has intrigued and delighted us and made the entire varsity proud by clearing the Mega Auditions in the television show, Miss PTC PUNJABI 2022. More than 1,000 young ladies applied for pre-tryout and just 24 young ladies were chosen from everywhere in Punjab, and she is one of them. This is right by all of us. She has cleared the studio round and has effectively finished the Virsa round as well.

LPU Student Jaspreet Kaur on Miss PTC Punjabi Show

The Miss PTC Punjabi is a television show organized in quest of a Punjabi woman whose talent is perfectly wrapped with passion and perfection. The show began on 22nd March and continues. It is aired on PTC Punjabi Channel from Monday to Thursday at 8 pm. The show has Indian Model-Himanshi Khurana, Indian Television entertainer Satinder Satti and Indian Actor – Gavie Chahal on the board. Every one of them appears to be very dazzled by her character. In the audition adjusts, the appointed authorities valued Jaspreet for her clothing and her constitution. Alongside that, they likewise commented on her certainty. In the acting round, she performed about issues emerging from men relocating abroad leaving their families and was very valued for her demonstration. The board valued her for raising a typical issue to which most ladies from Punjab can relate. In the Virsa Round, she was valued for her intelligent responses, on being addressed by Judge Himanshi Khurana. It

Jaspreet Kaur hails from Phagwara and is a pupil of Lovely Professional University. She is pursuing a Master’s in Design degree. Along with that, she is working as a graphic designer. At LPU, she has been selected as Miss Magnitude and has been a part of the AIU Theatre team.

The show is ongoing with new episodes forthcoming every day. Let us all keep supporting her and make her win Miss PTC Punjabi 2022. Till then we congratulate her on her success and wish her all the Good Luck for the upcoming rounds.