Short Term Course On Emerging Technologies To Make Cities Smart And Sustainable organized by the School of Architecture & Planning and Human Resource Development Center, Lovely Professional University, from Mar 21-27, 2022, catering to the capacity building in sustainable and smart architecture.

The group consisting of a balanced mix of students, scholars and faculty including representation from the industry got off to a flying start. Addressing the participants, Course Convener, Chief Architect and Head of the School of Architecture and Planning & Design, Dr. Ar. Atul Singla gave insights on the objective of this short-term course mentioning the in-depth thought that has gone into designing the format of the course and also shared the School Mission and Objectives. He advised the participants to translate the learning of the course into meaningful projects and papers. He remarked that each designated subject matter expert had proven track record and mastery of the topic. Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Course Convener, Dean and Head, Human Resource Development Center expressed that the combination of academic and industry stalwarts would make this course a great learning experience.

Short Term Course on Emerging Technologies to Make Cities Smart and Sustainable

The opening day sessions were taken by a renowned Academician and Researcher, Dr. Professor Tej Karki. Patiently he laid the context, spelled out the importance of sustainable and smart architecture and updated participants on the various aspects of sustainability. His questioning style made learning inclusive for the participants.

The second day session was again taken by Dr. Professor Tej Karki. The focus of this session was- How inclusive smart cities are? He shared his experience and dwelling on how to incorporate sustainability in the design and subsequent implementation. Discussion leading technique and eliciting questions kept the learning a two way process and engaged the participants in a purposeful dialogue. The third day session focused on Global Trends in Architecture in Indian Context was taken by Ar (Prof.) Rajendra Kumar, Member International Society of City & Regional Planners (ISOCARP) Netherland and Ex. Director School of Architecture, NIU who talked about the Importance of Human Behaviour in Architecture. The day ended with Coordinator thanking the participants for their active participation. He also thanked the subject matter expert, redefined the Course Flow, assessment process and rolled out the first assignment. Day IVI was focused on Healthy and Healing Buildings to Immunize Life and was the subject matter expert for the day.

Short Term Course on Emerging Technologies to Make Cities Smart and Sustainable

The Day IV saw a debriefing of the project assignment by Ar Himmat Bhatia Professor & AII coordinator. The knowledge and wisdom came from a renowned Architect of eminence Ar. Surender Bagha, Principal Architect Saakaar Foundation on Adaptable City Environment. He shared intensive work to exemplify the topic and answered queries patiently.

Day V saw one of the respected and repute Architect Prof. Charanjit Shah, Founder Principal, Creative Group Chairman, Smart Habitat Foundation. The topic dwelled on was Liveable Cities. He exhibited and displayed his work relating to the topic and the theme of the workshop.  The sixth day topic was Emerging Technologies to make cities Smart and Sustainable and was taken by yet another renowned practicing Architect- Ar Sanjay Goel, Chairman IIA Punjab Chapter and Director Ludhiana Smart City. The Day VII belonged to the participants presenting their assignment work, followed by valedictory.

The subject matter experts engaged the participants with practical examples, hands-on demonstrations and poll questions. The assessment and evaluation were conducted through a Multiple Choice Question Test and project assignment based on the session learning outcomes.

The participants were unanimous in their appreciation of the course in terms of the content, delivery and organization. The responsiveness of the organizing team was applauded by the participants who expressed that this was one of the best learning experiences. They also expressed the desire that such programs should be frequently conducted. The valedictory session had a buzz of vibrancy and enthusiasm!


Mr. Aaryan Sharma: Helped in increasing my knowledge as a budding Architect.

Mr. Ajay Pinguai: I got so much new knowledge and experience from this course. More such sessions are related to the field.

Ms. Jaishthi Jain: I got to understand the basic concept of Smart as well as Sustainable City which is an emerging topic.