Once again, LPU is proved to be a hub of innovation. LPU students’ team ‘Urban Settlers’ were awarded AUS $5000 work scholarship and declared ‘Most Innovative Idea’ at ‘Study Australia Entrepreneurship Challenge’. LPU engineering students Ayush Singh, Deepak Gill, Mohit, Abhishek Singh and Anuj Kumar, members of the team ‘Urban Settlers’, have proved their mettle in a competition which saw a participation of 36 different teams across India.

“It has been an amazing journey for us. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us in this journey,” says Ayush Singh. Pioneer of Smart Home Revolution, RoomsVital has been ranked No 1 idea and business plan at Collegiate Startup Week held at Mumbai by NextGenLab.

Their venture named RoomsVital has a vision to provide sustainable and affordable housing solutions focusing on smart locks. They pitched their idea to experts from SAEC, Indian Industry. The competition was organized by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission where biggest universities from all over India participated. Their venture is incubated at LPU under the Student Entrepreneurship Cell. Their passion and determination were foreseen by the university officials, which helped them in gaining this position and getting the amazing experience and exposure.

You can do wonders once you understand the power of collaboration and teamwork. Great things are witnessed in the world once people kept aside their biases and worked together to improve the world. Students have the power to collaborate together with their new ideas and innovative thinking. Looking at the bigger picture and focusing on the strengths can get you results beyond imagination.

The Study Australia Entrepreneurship Challenge was an initiative to engage highly-skilled students from the Indian higher education institutes who participated in a series of hybrid events, which were based on Ted X-meets-Hackathon. The participants formed multidisciplinary teams and participated in a two-week program showcasing the opportunities of Australia’s education sector and the Australian entrepreneurial and start-up ecosystems.