LPU offers a platform where every individual who wishes to do something new can create a mark. This university provides the opportunity for every single student who has some talents embedded in them. Various clubs in LPU organise events to enhance the talent of the students. Club Illuminati is one of these clubs, which has organised the event i.e CodeBake.

The event conducted on 24th and 25th January 2020 was sponsored by Techvento, MSTC and Codechef; the participants were provided with the MTS certificates. There were over 150 participants who took part in this event with the aim of learning something new.

The event consisted of five rounds. The first round was a warm-up session with Technical Quiz followed by a competitive coding session by an official from Techvanto Pvt Ltd.

Round 2-5 held on the second day of the event. In round two the teams were asked to solve the coding problems in a limited time and the top teams were selected for participating in the next round. After round two the teams were asked to code with their screens rotated at 180 ° in round three. This round checked their abilities to code in any situation with ease and comfort.

This was the beginning of the real competition where they were tested on the extreme situation of coding environments. This was also an elimination round. In round four the teams were checked on their abilities to work with a team. This helped them to undergo some real-life scenarios where they have to code only a part of the complete product or code. This was the final round and the top 10 teams were selected here for prizes and benefits from sponsors. 

In round five, teams went under a situation where they didn’t see what they were typing. They coded with their computer screens turned off. This became a real challenge for all the coders out there to test their extensive coding skills. This was an elimination round. “Not_Yetwas the winning team who had completed all the rounds in minimum time, achieving a good score.

Assistant Professor Sachin Sidhra was the chief guest of the event and his powerful speech was a boost for the participants to win the competition.

My experience as an anchor: Being an anchor of the event I have learnt a lot from this event. I have learnt how to work in a team, how to support others and tackle the situation when your mind is completely blanked.