Lovely Professional University has once again proven to be a breeding ground for exceptional talent, this time in the realm of fashion. Smriti Tripathi and Joyshree Dutta, two bright and ambitious students, are poised to embark upon their promising careers at the prestigious global business conglomerate, Trident Group. With an impressive starting salary package of 18 Lacs per annum, their achievements serve as a result of their talent, hard work, and the exceptional education they received at LPU.

LPU’s fashion program is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum, cutting-edge facilities, and distinguished faculty members who impart the latest industry knowledge and skills. Under the university’s guidance, students are encouraged to explore their creativity, think innovatively, and hone their practical skills through hands-on experiences. Smriti Tripathi and Joyshree Dutta are shining examples of the success that can be achieved through LPU’s fashion program.

Smriti Tripathi is a fashion enthusiast with an innate sense of style and a passion for creating unique designs. Joyshree Dutta is a dynamic and versatile fashion designer who possesses a flair for experimenting with different styles and materials. Throughout their journey at LPU, they have consistently impressed their mentors and peers with their innovative approach to fashion design.

Trident Group, a renowned global business conglomerate, has recognized the immense talent and potential of Smriti Tripathi and Joyshree Dutta. With a starting salary package of 18 Lacs per annum, both designers have secured an enviable position at Trident Group, marking the beginning of their professional journeys in the fashion industry.

On behalf of the entire LPU community, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Smriti Tripathi and Joyshree Dutta on their remarkable achievement. Your exceptional talent, hard work, and dedication have earned you well-deserved recognition and a promising start to your career.