M S Dhoni Visits LPU


“Despite all the elation over a win, it is important not to get carried away with victory. Only cultivate the winning habit.” – Captain Dhoni at LPU


Indian Cricket Team Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was here at Lovely Professional University yesterday. The campus resounded with chants of “Dhoniii! Dhoni!” as Captain Cool was ushered in with pure punjabi pomp, to the beats of the dholl and the sway of bhangra. National award winning, Bollywood director Neeraj Pandey also accompanied Dhoni. Lovely Group Chairman Mr. Ramesh Mittal, Vice-Chairman Mr. Naresh Mittal, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal, and Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal welcomed the visitors warmly. In his introductory address, Mr Ashok Mittal urged LPU students to follow in their idol’s footsteps, unfazed by success and failure alike, always striving for perfection and leading others by example.


Dhoni interacted with LPU students and shared inspiring episodes from his life and career. He spoke of starting out as a railway ticket collector and his incredible journey to becoming an ace skipper and successful captain. He also released the trailer of the upcoming bio-pic ‘MS Dhoni-The Untold Story’, based on his life. The movie features Sushant Singh Rajput as Dhoni while Kiara Advani and Anupam Kher play supporting roles. Captain Dhoni told the audience that the film would show many untold aspects of his life, particularly the earlier phase, “Here are all the challenges and hard work that I faced, and nothing in special that only glorifies me.” He expressed gladness at Sushant Singh playing him in the movie, and said he was confident that Sushant would portray him exactly, “Sushant really proved it as he worked hard for many months, went to the gym, and learnt how I walk and talk.”


M S Dhoni also launched the ‘LPU Dhoni Scholarship’ to promote education among players, and cricket among students. This scholarship is for international players, Ranji-Trophy medalists, Inter University finalists, and other brilliant sports persons and  students. LPU Management and the Indian skipper desire that money constraints never hinder good sportspersons in getting quality education.


Expressing his love for Jalandhar, Dhoni shared that the city would always be special to him because it makes the bats he loves. The same bats, carved out of high quality wood, that he has used to make his many legendary runs. He gifted LPU an autograpfed bat and ball and even showed the students his signature ‘helicopter’ shot. The captain also awarded an LPU cricketer who shot the longest ‘Six’ at the cricket-competition organized on the eve of Dhoni’s visit to the campus.

M S Dhoni left LPU students with this piece of advice, “Take much from your learning at the campus, and be successful. Despite all the elation over a win, it is important not to get carried away with victory. Only cultivate the winning habit. One needs to perform consistently, and if the winning standard is raised then one has to stand by it. One has to keep on doing well. If one is playing against an aggressive side, one has to play an aggressive game.”


Well said Captain Cool! That is winning wisdom indeed!