Now that I am a graduate student in Lovely Professional University, I have realized how qualitatively different it is to be a student in this university, than any other place. There are definitely some classic moves that only we can pull, the typical reactions we have, the lifestyle we carry is something that very often makes the other one say “…you’re definitely a Verto”. Here is what stamps an individual of being a Verto of Lovely Professional University.

Attendance is the bane of your survival

It’s hard to understand the meaning of words like ‘proxy’ when digitalization of UMS has replaced the easy to check of registers previously used by the administration. You wake up for it, live for it, sleep for it and basically survive for this. If you are not pining behind the fact that attendance doesn’t increase as fast as it falls, you might not have experienced the fear of backlogs or re-appears yet. Trust me, you will. And then you’ll not be able to stop yourself from refreshing your attendance every breathing moment.

5 Signs You Are a Verto

Ditching the hostel mess for the love of food kiosks

The first year starts with you being the ideal kid. You enrol yourself in the hostel mess and teach yourself to bear with it no matter what. Then one day, you’ll dare to try out the food from outside with your friends and you’ll try to restrain from splurging on it despite having the mess. You’ll try but after failing time and again, next semester will start with you signing out from the ‘so-called healthy’ mess food to the exotic mojito and rice bowl from Campus Café.

You after-class or in-between class enjoy the biggest campus in India

One of the major advantages of being a Verto is that you get to wander away in the biggest campus in India where you can sit back and relax between college lectures. You’ll remember the moments of gossiping away your free time with your friends in vast corners of this place. With parks, sitting areas, university mall and the secret territories that nobody knows about become places where you’ve spent most of your 3-year graduation life.

5 Signs You Are a Verto

You’ll have 4 internships and still worry about the job situation

The university never lags on experience. Providing the students amazing opportunities in various sectors to showcase their skills and earn internship points is a primary goal. Here, the environment makes you want to do more. The completion is as rough as it is healthy. By the time you’ll graduate you’ll have more experience and you’ll be proud.

5 Signs You Are a Verto

You know everything about everything

The biggest advantage of studying in a multicultural university is the fact that you get to observe and explore much of the world at the same time. The lifestyle of your roommate who is from Nagaland will fascinate you or maybe you’ll discover something very delicious in the food kiosk for African students. The value of this cultural experience is endless.

I’m always proud of being a student here as this place gives you everything one needs to grow and mature into an ideal individual. You’ll pick up some habits, you’ll do the signature hello and goodbye and you’ll realise your college life here has left you with one word ‘Verto’.