If everything constantly reminds you of home, congratulations, you’re finally a hosteler! All of us want to go to different colleges and universities to pursue our studies, but it gets difficult when it comes to packing our bags for the hostel life. Hostel life is one thing every student wishes to experience, and it can be made easier if you do the following things.

Have a good routine

Have A Good Routine

Trust me, hostel life may challenge your disciplined schedule, and only you have the potential to make it right. Make sure you don’t wake up late and don’t end up missing your classes or having your breakfast. Give time to studies, and never forget to indulge in your favourite extra-curricular activities because they enhance your personality like nothing else does. Now that we don’t have our moms waking us up and being our guide throughout the day, we have to look after ourselves. So, gear up!

Make a lot of friends!

Make A Lot Of Friends

The best part about hostel life is that you find a family away from family. There are friends who play different roles for you and fill those empty spaces. So, make as many friends as you can, and always be ready to help. It makes you a socially open and responsible person. Also, you will learn to respect people the way they are, because trust me, you’ll find a huge variety of people in there!

What about the Canteen Gossips?

Canteen Gossips

Sitting in the canteen with friends, having a favourite food on the table, and then gossiping is all a blessing in disguise! You can talk about your favourite TV series, share your life experiences, and wait! You can also have a Tea Party! What’s better than that?

Don’t forget the 12:00 am Birthday Surprises!

Birthday Surprises

As a hosteler, the one thing I am constantly excited about is ‘Birthdays’. We always dream to be there with our friends on their birthdays right at 12:00 am. And finally, we’ve been granted our wish! Whenever there’s a birthday, decorate the room, blow up a lot of balloons, bring in a delicious cake with some candles, and give the birthday person a beautiful surprise! What could be better? It’s amazing to have these little birthday parties, they end up making you a Party Planner!

Never forget Family!

Never Forget Family

In all the rush, we generally fail in connecting to our families. Make sure that being a hosteller doesn’t take you away from them. Call them every day and remind them how much you miss them! After all, you’re the light of their lives!

I hope you all have a happy Hostel Life!

-Sakshi Aneja