This article will inform you about why you should carry a college bag and what you should essentially have inside it. What? “A College Bag?” Like, seriously? Yes, my friend! You should really carry a college bag. It’s not that bad an idea. It should be your constant companion during college. But why am I laying emphasis on a college bag? Let me tell you, it’s important.

There is no doubt that all of us want to go to college without struggling with the responsibility of a bag until we are hostellers or we have a laptop to take along. We just wish to have a small notebook and a pen and nothing else so that we always feel free and relaxed. But, that way, are you actually relaxed? Your hands have to be good friends with the notebook, or you may end up losing the treasure of notes it contains. Your pocket is loaded with things like your ID card, pen, mobile phone, and the list can be long. It’s high time now, you should stop convincing yourself with the false comfort of attending classes empty-handed because it is nothing but trouble in disguise. Now, when I begin to tell you what all you can put inside the bag, I believe I will convince you more! Here’s a list.

Obviously, Your Books!

Most of us avoid carrying books because who would struggle to carry a bag, right? This thought needs to be altered. When teachers ask us for bringing our books, it is for a reason. With books, we can study better. There are some topics which can be taught better with the help of a book. So, from now, don’t peep into a friend’s book and miss out on important lessons.

 A Water Bottle

There’s always this one student in the class who has his water bottle to everyone’s rescue. I mean, why to let him handle such a big responsibility alone? Okay, let’s come to the point. Drinking water is really important, and I’m sure each one of us knows this. We should drink water after regular intervals to stay healthy. Your bag can help you do that!

Your Wallet

Have you ever experienced the pain of having lost a good amount of money, because you were careless enough to let it fall down while taking out something else from your pocket? Well, I have gone through this, and it was a very bad feeling. To avoid going through the same, keep your money safe in the bag, is that good enough?

Little Treats For Yourself

I always wonder what makes us so hungry all the time in college. You can have the privilege of carrying some food in your bag, maybe some biscuits or an apple? After all, we should reward ourselves with such little gifts for sincerely attending classes. Self-motivation, you know!

Other Small Essentials

Does this category really have a limit? We need so many things every now and then in college. You may need a hand sanitizer, a comb, a handkerchief, medicine, keys, earphones, and what not? So, what kind of a bag are you planning to carry tomorrow?

 NOTE: A college bag looks cool!