Must Haves for a Man


1. A well-tailored suit: A suit that fits never goes out of vogue.

2. A leather wallet: Make sure you respect the money you earn, spend responsibly.

3. Complete shaving kit: Make that beard look nice in that suit.

4. Cologne: No girl ever said, “I love men who smell like old socks.”

5. Journal: Men have sentiments and ideas too, so never let that billion dollar idea get out of your mind.

6. A pair of leather shoes: Of course.

8. A mechanical wristwatch: Leave your phone in the pocket.

9. A bow tie: For the next time you go that fancy party.

10. Books: The key to every man’s success!

11. A well-trained pet: It’s will be tough in the beginning, little pup pissing all around the house, that’s when you kick in and train your pet.


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