The National Youth Parliament session held at LPU brought together apprentices from various universities, who took on the roles of representatives from the Lok Sabha. The diverse representation added to the engagement of the session, with students portraying prominent figures like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Assaduddin Owaisi. Notably, Yatin Bhashakar Duggal from LPU portrayed Shri Amit Shah with great realism. The presence of Dr. Ashok Mittal, the Honorable Chancellor of LPU and a Member of the Rajya Sabha, as the chief guest added prestige to the event.

The topic of the debate, “UCC” or Uniform Civil Code, sparked intense discussions, reflecting the relevance and significance of the subject. The participants, despite being sophomores, displayed remarkable conviction and knowledge, making the session feel authentic. The event served as a platform to nurture the skills and awareness of future leaders and policymakers.

Before the question hour began, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions, which the representatives answered patiently. This interactive session enhanced the engagement of the event. The debate itself was intense, resembling a real Lok Sabha session. The opposition focused on amending current laws rather than introducing a new Uniform Civil Code.

The ruling party showcased clear concepts and confident responses, which led the opposition to accept their answers with a smile. Audacious questions were posed, expecting bold answers from both the ruling party and the opposition. Ultimately, the UCC Bill was passed with unanimous support, marking a significant legislative achievement.

Following the question hour, a prize distribution ceremony took place, where winners were recognized for their performances. Jannat from Gargi College emerged as the winner, receiving a prize of 5000/-. Raj Bhushan Rai and Balki secured the second position, with Anuj Shukla being awarded as the Best Speaker. Sujal was recognized as the Best Parliamentarian and received a prize of 10000/-. The successful conduct of the first-ever Youth Parliament at LPU garnered praise from participants, judges, and the audience alike.