As we all know, the induction programme is an event conducted by the university, for the upcoming freshman. There are a series of programs run by your multitasking seniors and supervised by the faculty members. However, these days the grandiose Freshman Induction programme @LPU2019 is trending on Instagram, you must check those out. Here are some reasons, why you shouldn’t miss your induction programme :

  1. University illumination:

The orientation programme is the best possible way to know everything about your university, it’s past, present and it’s future, that is YOU! They display university’s placement records, national as well as international tie-ups, achievements in sports and other cultural activities. Let’s take a practical example, your neighbours/relatives ask about your university’s performance in national competitions or which great dignitaries have visited your campus, and your knowledge just limits up to its placements! How will you ever know your university’s triumphs, if you miss those induction programmes?

  1. Understanding System :

Many universities have their own management systems. Lovely Professional University is one such, it’s management system makes it stand out! Unlike other universities, LPU has an eco-friendly smooth-running system, termed UMS. The induction programme guides the users, how to handle this technology, as it may seem complicated to some, but trust me, once you get a helping hand, it becomes a way too simple. The induction programme is that helping hand.

  1. Meet the Family:

Faculty is your new family! Through these programmes, you get an introduction to your respective faculty members. It is the faculty, which guides you to the pathway of victory. Their first-day tips are not to be missed in any possibility! At LPU Freshman induction, even an evening tea ceremony is held for parents and faculty to interact. Your new family is not just limited to your teachers, it also includes the faculty of Security, Education, Sports, Cultural activities and Placements, they too play a vital role in your college life. Thus, proper interaction with your new family is paramount.

  1. Meet your Seniors :

Induction programme gives you an opportunity to interact with all your seniors. This is the only time when seniors and juniors are under the same roof, because trust me, when the classes activate, timetable factor comes in and you hardly get a chance to meet seniors. We all know induction programmes are loaded with multifarious acts, performed by none other than your talented seniors, BUT, ever thought why the university includes these acts, skits, dance, singing; just for entertainment? NOPE. The main impulse is to get the freshers inspired! Seeing seniors perform on stage, really gives a boost to freshers. They too get confidence to showcase their hidden talents on stage.

  1. Know Limitations :

Every university has some rules and regulations, which are must to be followed. Induction programme aware you about the rules beforehand, so that you neither get into any trouble nor create one. Unlike other universities, LPU has a well-built set of security regulations for the welfare of students, and knowing them is a must. In the LPU induction programme, the Head of Security department displays a presentation on the mighty LPU security guards and law of conduct to be followed inside the campus. Such instructions come handy if you apply them and if you are oblivious to them, you can’t avoid getting a termination certificate, for committing a serious mistake, which you made; unaware about the Laws of Campus.

Thus, dear freshers never say never to your induction programme!