People often anticipate that three/four years of college are just to enjoy but in actuality, these are the most pivotal years of life to build a strong foundation for the career ahead. Especially when someone is new to a college, he/she is filled with ambition and aspiration.

New place, new people, new friends, and everything feels great but no one should be forgetting what is the actual purpose of their advent to college. To achieve success, discipline is of the utmost importance.

I have narrowed certain things that one must remember during college years:

Be on Schedule

FreshmanNot only in college but also further in life, must one follow this rule “ALWAYS BE ON TIME”. No matter what, it is extremely paramount to be punctual. No one likes a person who doesn’t show up on time. Whether it is an assignment or another task that is undertaken by you, complete it and concede it on time. Being on time in class is very important. Remember, we all have limited time, neither waste yours nor others.

Jog Your Mind

FreshmanTry your best to discover and learn something new every day. Bijou or colossal, associated with your forte or not, doesn’t matter. What matters is that it must add something to your skills and polish your capabilities. Get yourself involved in after-school activities and take on new hobbies.

Know, Accept and Try to Overcome your Frailty

FreshmanEveryone has flaws, no one on this entire earth or as the matter of fact in this whole universe is perfect. A wise person accepts his short-falls and tries their best to vanquish their imperfections. Everyone must appreciate and cherish what they have rather than mourning about what they don’t.