Advocating Budget-2023-24; Chairman of the Lovely Group Shri Ramesh Mittal holds it fit for further economic growth of the country. He shared that it is certain to provide a dignified life for each section of the society as it is aimed for common masses to face global challenges and changes boldly. All efforts here are for making the country technology driven and automation oriented. Even people of my age will be able to get benefitted from modern trends and technologies through an aimed digital library for adults. Announced budget is strong as it covers inclusive development in infrastructure, investment, potential, youth power, finance and more.

It is noteworthy that outlay for capital spending increased 33% to 10 trillion rupees to set up an agriculture accelerator fund for encouraging agri-startups by young entrepreneurs. Focus is there on job creation as well. Also budget allocation is increased to 790 billion rupees for affordable housing. Measuring health fronts, new nursing colleges and enhanced ICMR facilities are also there to curb situations like COVID 19. With this all and more India’s economic growth is expected to be at 7%, highest among major economies of the world.