No doubt, “Life is full of opportunities”. Time changes every moment, it changed, and thus we moved away from our home to a new unknown place for our education, which literally gives new opportunities to learn more, to grow more, and to develop more.

After a prolonged vacation, it is going to be a fresh start for a new semester. Have a look at the opportunities for Vertos.


Opportunities - A New SemesterEspecially for the first-year students; might be you had missed the club interviews just after the admission because you were not aware.

The Club interviews will be reopened soon known as ‘Recruitment drive’ for the Clubs. Students can join any of the clubs as per their interest, clubs help us to grow more and learn more. You will get the information by UMS Announcements, soon.

Division of Student Welfare (DSW) has a number of clubs that will enhance your management as well as technical skills. Automobile and Mechanical students can join the club LSCC (LPU’S SAEINDIA COLLEGIATE CLUB), where the team works to build a cart, vehicle. Some major projects are Supra, Formula Bharat, BAJA.


Opportunities - A New SemesterSome wanted to be an IAS, IPS or Army Officer, some have an Idea of entrepreneurship, some want to go abroad, some wanted to crack the toughest exams. Everyone has plans. If you are the one who has the dream to crack competitive exams like UPSC, GATE, CAT, then it’s time to start preparing.

University provides the facility of coaching for these types of competitive exams, inside the LPU campus in Block 13. e.g. ALS Academy, the Gate Academy, etc. It’s better to put efforts from now only for your dreams. These efforts will make you grow, and help in building a successful career.


Opportunities - A New SemesterFew students want to pursue their Higher Education in Foreign Universities or want to go abroad in the future; thus, learning a foreign language will become the best decision for them. In addition to that, it will improve your CV Profile.

Our University provides courses for Foreign Languages. You may contact Block 13, DSW for enrollment. Many more courses available are IELTS, TOEFL, French, German. Did you know that LPU has just started offering the Chinese Language classes?


Opportunities - A New SemesterTake guidance from seniors, and access your UMS account for the prescribed books. Although, University’s central library has all types of books, issuance of the book is time bounded i.e 7 days.

Those who are not satisfied can purchase the books from the Bookstore available in the Unimall, LPU Campus. All the textbooks and reference books are available.


Opportunities - A New SemesterFrom the start of the semester started assigning yourself small weekly task, which can be achieved. Short goals like ‘learning this additional thing’ this semester; it differs from person to person.

The more goals you set, the more you get!