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Budgeting Time for Vertos at Lovely Professional University

Budgeting Time for Vertos at Lovely Professional University

In less than a week from the time this article is live, I will be officially in the final year of my...

Magic Potion for a Blissful Semester

Much like our varsity seems to do a lot of strategizing and analyzing to develop strategies for figuring out the best plan for next semester and...
Opportunities - A New Semester

Opportunities – A New Semester

No doubt, “Life is full of opportunities”. Time changes every moment, it changed, and thus we moved away from our home to a new...

5 Things To Do Before A Semester Starts

As we all know, all colleges follow a semester system. With some excitement about the upcoming semester and some pain that we have to leave our...
new you

A New Year, for a New You

There's a new beginning to every end, also every start always comes out as an opportunity for us. The year is about to end...
New Semester – New Beginnings

New Semester – New Beginnings

We all are going to start our new semester in some time and this coming semester is providing us with an opportunity to start...