First of all, if you are preparing yourself for being a hosteller at your University, CONGRATULATIONS! You have grown up! Giving up the comfort of your home to stay at a hostel, giving up your mother’s delectable delicacies and cuisines and adapt to mess food, from being a child under your parent’s guidance to becoming independent and handling yourself and your problems on your own is a huge alteration and a flabbergasting experience; an experience that shapes you to be a more responsible person in the future.

The idea of staying at a hostel can be puzzling and baffling at first, especially for the ones who haven’t ever been on their own before (you guys belong to my category!). If you are like me, it is just a matter of days or months till you adjust to being on your own and once you do, you are going to love your stay there! And if you are readying up for being a hosteller at LPU, welcome to your second home!

Staying at hostels in LPU is like staying at your home! LPU leaves no stone unturned for making you feel like you own that place and providing every benefit you require at your doorstep. There are some points you must be aware of before starting your new journey.

Choose your hostel preferences wisely!

This is the first and foremost step as you are assigned a hostel based on your preference. You are provided with the choices of different seaters (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and dormitory for boys) which is further sub-divided into AC and cooler rooms. Choose your preferences wisely as the distance from your hostel to your block determines the distance you need to walk daily for attending classes!

ID card is your new identity!

You realize the value of your registration number and ID card more if you are a hosteller. You need it during entering your hostel (as our University has biometric systems for every hostel) and during entering the mess for a meal.

You are given choices for mess as well!

Two types of preferences are available if you go for adopting mess (which is recommended), one is Standard Mess and the other is Basic Mess. There isn’t much difference between the two as you are offered the same food apart from the quantity you are being provided which is fixed in Basic. You can also omit lunch if you want to.

Benefits and other services available

Apart from the mess, you are provided with other life-saving facilities like laundry (optional but helpful), tuck shop having all essential grocery, stationery and other items, parlor inside girl’s hostel, ATM, canteen, gym and park all inside the hostel! Once you get inside, you won’t even feel the need to leave as you have everything you require in front of you!

Hostel timings

It’s one of the many things LPU is strict at especially for Girl’s Hostel, there is a particular entry time in the evening beyond which if you reach the hostel without any duty leave, you’ll be marked under late entry and will have to undergo a whole lot of procedure including a call to your parents and you won’t want to upset them, right? So, follow the timings and reach the hostel before the designated time i.e. before 6 PM during winters and before 7 PM during summers. Any change in time will be notified to you according to weather conditions. Boys are allowed to roam inside the campus without restrictions of staying inside the hostels.

Girls are needed to apply for leaves to leave the campus even during the day (boys are free to go out during the day without a leave). You are three options to choose from- Day leave, Day-extended leave and Night leave.

However, you are allowed to leave your hostel without leave under two conditions; for the library (8 PM and 10 PM, open till midnight or even 2 AM during exams) under the supervision of Guard and for Unihospital for which an ambulance will be called to drop you.

Once you get used to everything, you’ll realise how magical it is to stay with your friends, having fun, gossiping and making infinite memories together, it won’t be wrong to say that hostel life is the backbone of college life and you’ll miss those days when you’ll look back, admiring how beautiful they were!